What I do.

What is a Consultant?

A Consultant supports a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal though training, guidance and expert advice. When consulting clients, the approach A-LEGACY takes, is to not only provide extensive training and guidance based on years of experience and expert knowledge, but to also educate my clients whilst doing so. Thus creating 'a legacy' performance that will continue throughout the business for many years, enabling you to excel as a company by; selling more gym memberships, retaining more members and improving gym profits. From recruitment, to how to manage and run your gym, and to training your staff, I have you covered. Whether you run or own a large commercial Leisure Centre, a Private Gym, Fitness Studio or Franchise, we can help you improve your business performance.. 

Get your Gym on the path to success

Strategize. Organize. Execute.


Over 15 years ago, I joined a Gym for the first time. Gaining such a passion for fitness, I decided this was what I wanted to make a career in. My first position was  a Membership Sales Advisor and I rapidly rose through the ranks. Having had great success in roles including; Sales Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager, National Pre-Sale Manager. Finally becoming a National Impact Manager woking across various operators including; Commercial Health Clubs, Privately owned and Franchised Gyms. I believe that a simple yet holistic approach to performance Management is crucial to success. Whether your club just needs a fresh set of eyes and a little guidance or maybe the recruitment, training and support of a full team. No task is too small or large.



With the UK population becoming more active every year, the fitness Industry is a great place for investment. That said, competition is greater than ever and continues to grow. It is more crucial than ever to make sure that your business has the best tools to succeed. I can make that happen using methods which I have personally tried, tested and succeeded in. It is no longer enough to just open a great facility. For a Gym to be profitable it must perform well in all areas each and every day. Possessing the levels of experience, drive and passion which I have, I am able to take your business forward as if it was my own. Launching a new gym site completely from scratch or improving an already established site, I have the systems and processes to make you business a success.

  • Performance Investigation, Analysis & Consultancy

  • Remote Management 

  • Management Training

  • Sales Training

  • Retention Strategies

  • Corporate Sales Strategies 

  • Lead Generation Strategies

  • KPI Management 

  • Business Planning

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website Creation

  • Recruitment 

  • Pre-Sale Support

  • Post Launch Support


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