In January 2019 I was recruited into my current role as Club Manager. The club I took on had underperformed for many years for many reasons and the task at hand was monumental. Fortunately, I was able to call upon Darren’s many years of experience to help take our club to the next level.

Darren was amazing and injected the heartbeat back into the club. With daily support, training and KPI Management, we grew the membership base positive by +700 members in 5 months and we continue to grow month on month. Off the back of the constant support/feedback and advice Darren delivered, the business has grown exponentially. Our Lead generation has tripled if not more, our attrition rates have been reduced to below 6% and we now have a regimented sales process in place.

Darren's hands on approach makes you feel as though you’re the only club he works for and he knows the industry inside out from business planning to health and safety. He even recruited the now top performers in my team.

I can’t recommend Darren enough and I can't wait to see the long-term success of my club.

Thank you, Darren. 

Matt Kyprianou

Club Manager

South London

In August 2018 I was employed to manage a struggling Franchised Gym in South East London.Having had 22 years in the industry I have an extremely good knowledge of the industry, but Darren's input and support was simply outstanding!

He was always available for a phone call and offered so many solutions to issues that managing a new club can provide. 

His knowledge of the leisure industry is second to none, and his understanding of how to manage teams to maximise performance is absolutely top notch and I am extremely grateful for all his help and support.

A genuinely friendly and approachable man, I could not recommend him more highly.

Ray Betts

Club Manager

South East London

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